Agromiks provides ISO guaranteed, natural and effective feed additive solutions.
  • Agro Fresh
    Digestive Stimulant, Respiratory Effects and Appetite Enhancer for pigeon and birds.
  • Agromiks - Avian
    It is used as an aromatic and appetizer to meet the vitamin and amino acid needs of poultry. 
  • Herbalmiks
    Provides liver detox. Calms your pigeons. Reduces your herd’s stres level. Imrpoves feather quality. Strengthens the digestive and respiratory systems. It help to increase appetite.
  • Agromiks-BR
    Natural energy source. Fish oils in their content, meet the omega-3 and omega-6 needs of pigeons. Increases muscle growth.
  • Calm-DWN
    Calming effect for cats and dogs.
  • Agrolys Paste
    This product is used for cats as immune support.
  • Agro - Malty
    This product is used to prevent the formation of hairballs in cats.